Making Peace with Ourselves

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Hi, I am Jeff of "Designing Your INSPIRED LIFE." 

Today I want to talk about self-actualization, a term made popular by psychologist Abraham Maslow. It refers to the process of creative self-growth, the achievement of one’s full potential and meaning in life.

It requires choosing to transform the different areas of our life in which we need to grow; or, in other words, having the experience of going beyond one form of life (a less realized form) into another (the fullness of life.)

I talked in a previous lesson about what I consider to be the five areas that we should focus to grow in.

1 – Spiritual Growth

2 – Personal Growth

3 – Relational Growth

4 – Physical Growth

5 – Financial Growth

Let me give you a brief look into my life.  I was born in a small town in Alabama. I was raised in a typical Southern Baptist family. What I mean by typical is that we were in church every time the doors were open. That meant on Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night and any other special events that may be taking place at our local church. We ate lots of fried chicken and we drank a lot of sweet tea. We were a fairly normal (whatever normal is) middle class family. My dad, he was a quiet man. Basically, he went to work, came home, got in his recliner, read the newspaper and watched TV......except of course, on nights we went to church. My mom.....she was the nervous type and had a hard time dealing with my rambunctious personality. But overall....I had a pretty simple childhood. I got saved and gave my life to Christ at a young age, but why wouldn’t I. When the preacher tells you that you can walk down and give your life to Christ or burn in hell forever…..I didn’t see that as much of a choice. The problem was, I didn’t have a relationship with Christ. I believed and I got saved, but I went through most of my life not understanding the relationship part, so I struggled to always make good choices. It wasn’t until 2011, when I was 53 years old, that I finally realized to live the life I desired, I needed to be in a relationship with Christ. We started going to a new church and the Pastor explained things in a way that I had never heard before. He put the cookies on the bottom shelf, and I started understanding about having a relationship……a personal loving relationship with God. That changed everything for me and the way I started thinking. This helped me to want to learn and grow more so that I could reach my full potential and live "My Desired Life."

I’m going to start with some Biblical references that support the need and process of becoming, evolving, and realizing our potential.

John 1:1, tells us, "In the beginning is the Word. The Word is with God and the Word is God."  In the beginning is the vibration - and it’s powerful.

It not only carries the power of God, it carries God. Spirit is present everywhere as a vibration, a thought wave, a frequency, or a thought form. When an emotion casts a signal throughout spirit, there is a movement of creation.

There’s in us something more powerful than our paradigms (the way we think about things) and more powerful than our resistance. But it takes cooperation because when we’re feeding our opposition to change, it gets stronger.

If we’re honest, every one of us feels that. It'll show up in different areas of our life. For some of us, it shows up more in our physical vitality as resistance to managing our health or really getting in shape physically.

For others, it's our finance. Or, maybe it is in our relationships.

The “what” you’re resisting doesn't matter - it just matters that you begin to notice where your conflict with changing is, because there will be a clue. And it’s important not to beat yourself up over this – because we’re human – we’re all in this physical world, having a physical human experience.

But here’s the thing: We’re more than that.

You are not a physical being who has a spiritual component. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

The more you and I begin to identify ourselves as a spiritual beings having a human experience, the more we are able to summon the authority and the empowerment that comes from being who we really are, which is spirit created by God.

But we start by recognizing that we have some resistance to transformation in certain areas of our life.

See, what we want to work on is putting ourselves in harmony with the parts of us that are Divine. Learning to become aligned with that Higher Authority through our thinking, our choosing, and our expressing - because they’re magic when it comes to what happens in our life.

Thoreau said,

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Yet we feel a resistance to transformation that’s pulling us toward things as they have been or used to be, those old familiar patterns. It’s making us say, "I'm not sure I can do this – or I even want to do this," and we get confused.

But if one advances confidently, that resistance is only an invisible boundary created out of our thinking. And we can move through it by aligning with the picture and the feeling of what we really want in life.

The more alignment and the more we are in harmony with the picture we’re holding of the life we want to live (or an aspect of it), the more potent and powerful it is.

I don't know where it is in your life that you tend to beat yourself up or not completely love yourself, but I know it’s there for you because you’re in the human experience.

Some of you had a very tough upbringing. Some of you have been close to bankruptcy because of poor financial choices. Some of you have been betrayed by your significant other. But it's about honoring the learning and the gift of parts of our lives.

So, in essence, one of the first stages of self-actualization has to do with making peace with and even learning to love something that was difficult, because it helped you get to where you are today.

If it had not happened, you would not be right where you are today, or you would be different.

We’re talking here about changing the form of your life.  So, you want to pick an area that you literally want to change, you want it to be different – you want transformation in that area.

One of the core keys to your ability to realize how you’re empowered to transform yourself is the ability to love yourself.

The key to your empowerment, for you to move in a new frequency, is to discover and then embrace a part of yourself that up until now you had the pattern of thinking was actually disempowering.

You are loved, period. Everything that has ever happened to you, that you’ve done or didn’t do, your entire human journey is like one grain of sand to the entirety of who you really are, and you are loved.

Knowing that truth brings love to all the places you think are unlovable.

The law of polarity has two sides to it that invoke the law of attraction: conscious and subconscious. We create a conscious polarity with an active, vivid image and a very strong feeling tone in harmony with it.

Maybe you’re longing for financial stability. So you vividly imagine all aspects of wealth and having abundance in your life - how you would carry on your daily activities, and how it would impact various aspects of your life

You get a very clear picture of what it looks like to be a person of wealth and you begin to feel in harmony with that. You’re actually invoking the law of attraction by practicing a conscious polarity.

And we amplify that picture we’re holding of transformation with the love we have for ourselves, including all the warts and the crummy hair growing out of those warts.

Let me challenge you to think about areas in your life or your past that you continue to beat yourself up over. Realize that all and any of these things brought you to where you are today. Start focusing on the life that you desire to live, your Inspired Life, and get a clear vision of what that looks like.

Thanks for reading to the end. Let me know your thoughts about this teaching. Fill free to share so others can learn how to make peace with themselves. 

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Thank you and be blessed!



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