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blog post Jul 05, 2020

Hi, I am Jeff of Drummonds Leadership and Personal Development.

I want to talk to you a little bit about creating and how I came to point where I started creating my DESIRED LIFE! Man, I sure wish that I would have learned this lesson a lot sooner in life.

A vast majority of our lives we tend to stay in struggle, because we don’t understand some simple laws in the way the universe works. Nobody really ever teaches us how to think. We learn about math, science, reading……but never how to think correctly. We are taught how to work hard, and we even learn many things on our own, the hard way. But I find it odd that no one ever teaches us how to think.

I went through most of my life without the understanding that I am a creator and that I have the ability to create my DESIRED LIFE, and that it all starts with my thinking. I used to worry, get stressed out, not fill that I would ever get to the point that I am at right now, which is actually living my DESIRED LIFE. It all changed for me in 2010 when I heard a man named Kevin Elko talk and his talk was all about…think what you think about. So, I bought his CD (yes, CD’s were popular in 2010) “Think Like A Winner.” I listened to that CD I bet 100 times. It was all common since, but I wanted to get it right. I still listen to it sometimes today when my thinking gets out of whack. But this started me on a journey of working on my thought life, which led me to learning how to create.

You see, everything in this universe is created twice. Everything starts with a thought. You don't get a choice about whether you’re a creator - because you are one. You’re creating a life right now. If you keep breathing for another year, you are going to manifest another year's life.

But will the frequency of that life exist out of default to the patterns you’ve thought about before, which you just keep rehearsing? Or will the frequency of that life be one you design by your own choosing and creation?


As I stated earlier, most of us don't do very much original thinking. We tend to think from the thought forms and patterns we’ve either been taught or established. And a lot of that comes to us through the media and what the world thinks, from parents, teachers, and from people of influence in our life when we were very young and unable to challenge the thinking. 

If you could take a thermometer to the world temperature, the general thinking tone on planet earth is competition, scarcity, and fear. Most people, dominated by these three frequencies of thought, are just trying to get by. Everybody wants his or her life to be a little bit better, but not many know how to make it happen.

Every one of us has an inner being that’s the authentic self; it's our real self. Around that we form a personality in this dimension that we’ve come to as a living human being. We experience a human birth with a body in which to navigate and move about in this realm. The body bears witness to our spiritual capacity. The five physical senses we have are in harmony with our five spiritual senses. Spirit also uses sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch to help us in our journey as a living soul.

Throughout the Bible we read examples of the spirit relying on the physical senses. The “gentle whisper” Elijah heard, the still, small voice of God speaking to him – a voice we all hear from time to time when we use our spiritual sense of hearing. Likewise, we have a spiritual capacity for sight as in charitable giving where we see the need, and for touch as in the spiritual feeling of when we’re in alignment and right with ourselves. We have a spiritual sense of smell. Something can smell right or not smell right. Yes, we can smell a rose and we can smell spaghetti cooking. But there’s another kind of sense that tells us something doesn’t smell right – we might say it smells fishy.

While you don't get a choice that you’re going to create in life, you do get a choice what frequency that life gets created from - because it will get created from the major thought-form frequency of your habitual thoughts. Your habitual thought forms are determined by what frequency you hang out on and where you rent space, what energizes you, and what you focus on. So, you want to pay attention to what you get interested in.

Most of us have been trained to get interested in life’s drama. So we start putting our attention on problems and how to get rid of them. But the universe sends energy to where we put our attention. And if that attention is on what is constricting us, that’s where the energy goes. As James Allen said, “A man is literally what he thinks.”

Where your focus goes, your energy flows:  The part of your mind that broadcasts is deductive. It broadcasts the dominant energy you are in, which in this case is the problem. So focus on what you want and get your mind off of what you DO NOT WANT! Your “I don’t want that” is energy.  And you’re creating a magnetic field that’s attracting more of that problem because that's where your creative energies are concentrated!

In the bible, Jesus is quoted as saying, "If you bring forth what is within you, it will save you. If you do not bring forth what it within you, it will destroy you." Let me explain this. If you bring forth what’s seeking to express itself as your dream, if you bring forth that stream of living water, it saves you. Your life gets bigger and easier and more wonderful. You feel better in your own skin. There’s this feeling of, "Oh, this is the life I want to live!" That’s natural. Unfortunately, it’s not normal for most people.

It doesn't mean that this whole process isn't without a learning curve, attended by all the many things that are part of a required curriculum for “becoming.” But in general, things just get easier; there’s all of this empowered aliveness that comes forth.

Allow me to explain the four basic stages of awareness. 

The first level is "life is happening to me”, wherein the major feeling tone is one of victimhood. There is almost no power in this state  - it's a very low amplitude position that will attract more of what is harmonious with it, which is more victimhood.

The second level is life is happening by me. You begin to think and you realize, "Ah, I get to choose my own thoughts. I get to choose my own emotional reaction." The initial stage of this is very empowering, and we use it often just to mitigate the pain we’re in.

The third level is life is happening THROUGH me. We realize that by continuing up this spiral movement of our own becoming, we attract the kind of freedom and flow and aliveness that comes with it.

The fourth level: Life is happening AS me – I am one with Spirit. 

So, to me, by me, through me, as me. As we become a more and more of an aware, constant creator, we begin to experience the thrill of that pure energy moving through us. We start to see the capacities we’ve had in our hands all along, in our minds and in our heart, in our aliveness. 

Let me repeat the four basic stages of awareness we develop: 

One:  Life is happening TO me – we’re just victims.

Two: Life is happening BY me – I’m a conscious creator.

Three: Life is happening THROUGH me – my authentic self.

Four: Life is happening AS me – I am one with Spirit.

Let me challenge you to think about these. What stage are you at? We all visit all 4 stages in different areas of our lives during different situations, but where are you renting space? Then, repeat this following statement to yourself everyday.

“By thought, the thing you want and desire is brought into your awareness.

“By intention and willingness you come into agreement with it.

“By faith based on understanding you take daily actions to move it into physical form.

“The very best thing you can do for yourself and the world is to operate from the highest level of awareness of your oneness with God, and the potential he has given to you.”

Be looking out for a challenge that I am putting together to help you with goal setting.

Let me invite you to join my Intentional Living Private Facebook Group. Just go to this link and request to join.

Thank you and be blessed!



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