FEARLESS - Lesson 1

fearless1 May 25, 2020

I want to talk to you in this lesson about living FEARLESS

I have a question for you…….do you know what you really want out of life?

If you do…..are you going after it?

You see, so many people know what they want, but they are afraid to go after it. They are living in FEAR.

They’re stuck in their comfort zone.

I’ve been there. I had an idea for a business about 20 years ago….I went to the small business administration. I did the business plan. I found a location. I even went to the bank to start discussing what it would take to get the money. But guess what??? That's right. I got cold feet and stayed in my COMFORT ZONE! A few years later someone had the same idea, opened the same type of business and they are still knocking it down today. 

If you have a good idea, where do you think it comes from? Well, it comes from God, our creator. And when God gives us a good idea and we don't step out in faith, he usually gives that same good idea to...

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